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You’ll find our most frequently asked questions for Storyteller in Residence right here. If we’ve missed something, just ask us on chat. We’re happy to help.



The Details


Q: Is the Storyteller in Residence Program a Brand Ambassador Program?

A: No, the Storyteller in Residence Program is not a brand ambassador program. It’s a Residency program.
This means that if you’re selected as a Storyteller, you’ll work on a self-directed creative project using what resources we can offer to complete your project (ie. luxury accommodations, meals, our sustainability projects, community resources).
So why would we do this? We’re offering this residency because sustainability is important to us. We believe it’s a conversation that needs to happen more often, and from completely different perspectives.
For example, our 2016 Storyteller Elizabeth Yuko, pursued her residency on post-conflict tourism. It was a topic she’d been interested in for a very long time and used this residency to continue her professional research. She worked in a self-directed manner to complete her project and used our resources as a starting point to conduct research for a new book.
Like Elizabeth, we’re specifically looking for creators who can offer very different perspectives from our own.
Brand ambassadors are typically paid to endorse or promote a specific product. This is not that type of program. If you’re looking to become a brand ambassador, please email the Cayuga Collection’s PR team for more information.


Q: Which of the 5 Cayuga hotels are participating in the Storyteller in Residence program?

A: In 2017, the following lodges and hotels participating in the Storyteller-in-Residence program are as follows: Lapa Rios Lodge, Kura Design Villas, Latitude 10 Resort, and Arenas del Mar Beach and Rainforest Resort in Costa Rica; and Jicaro Island Lodge in Nicaragua. We prefer you focus on one or two properties at the most. 


Q: What is covered in this opportunity?

A: Accommodation for the duration of the residency, meals and non-alcoholic beverages are all covered. Airfare and domestic transfers however, are not covered.


Q: How many residency projects are you able to offer in 2017?

A: We may limit the number of residency projects in 2017. This depends on the projects proposed. As you can imagine, we have to be mindful to minimize the impact in these communities!


Q: When would the Residency take place and for how long?

A: For the 2017 Program, selected Storytellers travel can begin any time between June 2017 to the end of the year. Applicants can propose the duration of their residency, however it must be within the following time frame. We recommend a duration between 8-14 days.


Q: How long has Storyteller in Residence been running for?

A: This is still a really new program for us — 2016 was our first year of Storyteller in Residence! We’d love for it to become an annual program and have plans in the works.


Q: Do you have a Press Kit?

A: Yes. Here’s the link to the Storyteller in Residence 2017 Press Kit.





The Call-for-Applications


Q: Where can I apply for The Storyteller in Residence Program?

A: To apply for the Storyteller in Residence program, just click here.


Q: Can I download the questions so I can work on them?

A: Yes. Here’s the link to a PDF of all the Application questions.


Q: Can I change or modify my application AFTER it’s been submitted if it’s within the call-for-application deadline?

A: Unfortunately, no. At this time we don’t have a way for applicants to go back and change or edit applications that have already been entered. We’re working on it for next round of applications. Please make sure you’re happy with your application — once you click “Apply”, you won’t be able to make any changes.


Q: What are some examples of ideas that have been submitted to the program?

A: In the past we have received pitches for video series, blog posts and photo essays exploring a certain theme. Additionally, we have also heard from podcasters who envision their finished work as a series of interviews.


Q: I see the resident countries are Spanish speaking. Do I have to speak Spanish to submit an application?

A: No, you don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to apply. An open mind, a willingness to learn (and make mistakes!) and the desire to connect with others in Spanish is most important.


Q: Is the Storyteller in Residence program designed for single travellers only, or can families or teams apply as well?

A: We’re open to team applications! If you’d like to enter a team proposal, we recommend to talk about your unique team approach and what you’d bring to the sustainability conversation as an individual, team or family.

As long as your proposal supports the mandate of the program, and the 2017 program theme, your project will be considered.


Q: Of the participating accommodations, can we pick all 5 or maybe just 2 or 3 depending on the nature of the proposal?

A: This year, we recommend you focus on one or two properties at most. Focusing on one or two properties will allow you to capture your concept in great detail.


Q: Do the proposed projects need to focus on and feature the Cayuga Properties?

A: No. Projects don’t necessarily need to focus solely on the properties, but best if you use the properties and the community surrounding the properties as a starting point to delve into your project.


Q: Prior to doing a proposal, if I want to research further or have any further questions where can I locate this information?

A: We encourage you to visit the Cayuga website at www.cayugacollection.com and blog to review the variety of projects and the individual staff involved.


Q: I would really like to apply to the program however, I’m unable to apply because airfare is not included.

A: Yes, we understand that covering your own airfare can be a challenge. At this time, airfare is not included for the 2017 program.


Q: If the current opportunity does not fit my schedule, does the Storyteller in Residence have other Calls-for-Applications during the year?

A: This year, we plan to run (1) Call-for-Application. If you’d like us to email you when we’ve determined the 2018 program dates, you can add your name and email address to our Notify List.

To add your name to the 2018 Notify List, just reply to the chat box on the website with your Full Name and Email address, and say, “Hi, please add me to your Notify List!”. We’ll add you right away.






Q: How do I know if I’m eligible to apply to the Storyteller in Residence program?

A: If you’re a professional writer, creator, journalist, photographer — or other digital creator — with formal training and/or equivalent experience, you’re eligible to apply to the program.

For example, if you’re a podcaster looking to connect your professional work to sustainability and the 2017 program theme, this program could be a great fit for you.

As long as you meet the minimum requirements and your proposal supports the mandate of the program, we’re happy to consider your proposal. We’re very open and encourage you to connect with us to discuss what you might have in mind.


Q: Is the Storyteller in Residence program open to residents of all countries?

A: Yes, the program is open to everyone.


Q: Do you have any educational requirements of the participants?

A: Rather than solely focusing on educational qualifications, equivalent experience and a genuine interest in sustainability and the 2017 program theme is just as important. Do your best to highlight these areas in your application.


Q: I would like to apply for this but I am not a travel writer, can I still apply?

A: Yes of course you can still apply! The program is for digital creators, which also includes photographers, videographers and everything in between. We’re especially looking for people who feel strongly about sustainable travel, the 2017 program theme, and would like the opportunity to connect their work to the movement.


Q: Are sculptors, oil painters or other artists eligible to enter this?

A: At this time the program can only accommodate digital creators, as we don’t have the facilities for artists such as sculptors to practice their discipline on location.
With that being said, “digital creators” is a very loose term. We encourage you to contact us with your ideas if you are unsure.


Q: Is there anything in particular you’re looking for (other than what’s listed)?

A: For ALL applicants, we’re looking for people with a genuine interest in sustainability, an interest in the 2017 program theme, and a compelling angle they want to explore or uncover. It’s your unique angle and the impact that the residency will have on your career that interests us the most!





Q: What are the expectations of the Storyteller before, during and post residency?

A: We recommend all our applicants to become familiar with the Cayuga properties at www.cayugaonline.com before submitting a proposal. This will provide you with what types of projects Cayuga currently has and the project you’d like to explore.
During the residency, you’re expected to execute your project (we can connect you to people, stories, projects suited to your proposal). During this time, we hope you’re open to being featured on Cayuga’s social media channels as we’d like others to see the work/topics you’re creating. After the residency, we’ll continue to share the amazing work you’ve created while staying with us and we hope you will as well.


Q: Do you require Storytellers to publish the work they create during their residence in a third-party media outlet? Or are you looking to use the residence content for the host hotels?

A: We’ll feature Storytellers and their work on the host hotels’ social media and blogs, and do some promoting of our own about the work produced. While it’d be fantastic for storytellers to publish their work through a third-party outlet, it’s not a requirement of the program. Our goal here is to provide an opportunity for creators to bring their unique perspective to the sustainability conversation.


Q: What does an average day look like for a Storyteller?

A: On the first day of the residency, your host will provide an orientation and converse with you about the goals of your project. We expect that all selected participants come prepared with stories or themes they want to explore. Upon arrival, our hosts will make the necessary introductions in order to get you creating right away.
For example: Depending on your discipline, the average day could be a visit to a community project in the morning, with creative time in the afternoon for your project. The process all depends on your project proposal and how you best uncover a topic.

We encourage you to really think through your proposal so that our ground team can coordinate beforehand, making every day productive for you.


Q: If I’m selected, can I bring my pet or small animal?

A: Given the very natural surroundings of the hotels and lodges (some in remote rainforest communities), unfortunately, no, we cannot accommodate pets.



Still have questions? Ask us on chat! We’re happy to help.